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Winter 2018 Newsletter

SCFS News: Winter 2018

President’s Corner

Winter Greetings to all So Cal Flame Surfers!

Happy 2018. I hope the new year is going well for you.  Lots of good flame surfer news to share with you: 2018 is getting off to a great start for us. First, thanks to all that came to our December Holiday Bash. As always, lots of great food, glass gift exchange, raffle and silent auction. Everyone took home a set of mini leaf mashers from Arrow Springs, murrini and glass, as well as great raffle prizes and lots of glass and enamels from the silent auction. But you all brought the best presents to our party: 800 beads for donation to Beads of Courage! Here’s a group photo of your work.

I also want to welcome four new members of the SCFS Board: Maggie Vigil, Kathy Spignese, Susan Haskell, and Jane Frey. Our new Board members will help us fulfill our ISGB requirements and provide high quality Chapter events. We still need one more member to step up and be our Vendor Liaison; this position is critical to maintaining our ability to provide great items for the raffles that raise funds to support our activities and BOC.

Finally, I had the honor of being inducted to the BOC Hall of Fame this February. I attended the induction ceremony and festival at BOC Headquarters in Tucson. Each inductee has one of their pieces put on permanent display. Here I am at the installation of my piece (heart pendant), with Jean Gribbon (BOC founder and Executive Director) looking on. I also received a special trophy. I accepted this honor for the Flame Surfers, because you all earned it through your generous and creative support of BOC. We donated over 2,000 beads to BOC last year, along with $1,100 in cash from our fundraising activities. Way to go Surfers!

The SCFS Board is hard at work planning some great activities for 2018. First up will be our next meeting on March 10 at Pacific Art Glass; see below for details. Looking further ahead, please mark your calendars for two more special events. On May 5, we will be hosting a special open studio event for BOC members from CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County). We will be setting up a “pop up” glass studio at an art gallery in Costa Mesa, where we will be making glass and polymer clay beads for BOC members. This will be a fun event and CHOC will be bringing many of their patients by to meet you and get inspired by your skill and artistry. Come to our March 10 meeting for details regarding this special SCFS members-only event.

Second, mark your calendars for our June 9 Chapter meeting, to be held at Pacific Art Glass in Gardena. This meeting will include a special member challenge that I’m sure you will all be “glowing” about. We’ll also have details about this at our March 10 meeting.

And check out this issue’s BOC tutorial; it includes both chickens and sex, so sure to appeal to everyone!

March 10 SCFS Meeting

  • Saturday, March 10, 9:30-12:30
  • Pacific Art Glass, Gardena, CA

Thanks to John Williams and the staff at PAG for hosting our March 10 meeting and supporting SCFS events. We will provide drinks and snacks during the meeting. You are welcome to join us for lunch after the meeting. Please remember to bring money to pay your annual SCFS membership dues ($20) so you can participate in all our 2018 activities.

Demo. I’m excited to have John Rose, of 2-Roses Studio as our featured artist. John will be giving us a presentation on tips and techniques for photographing glass. He will demonstrate set ups and methods using everyday materials that all of us can use to improve our photographs.

John has served as a senior consultant and Board Member for many Arts related organizations including the Society of North American Goldsmiths, National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, the Art jewelry forum and International Polymer Clay Association. His practice includes work for: the Governments of Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Israel, China, NASA, Sandia National Laboratories, U.S Air Force, AT&T, Rand Corporation, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Sony, Phillips Electronics, Visa, Ford and numerous U.S. city, state and federal agencies to name a few.

As a founding member of the design studio 2Roses, and art jewelry maker, John is passionate and committed to expanding the field of contemporary art jewelry in all its forms. As a photographer, John’s is focused on educating other artists on how to photograph their work. His images for 2Roses as well as many other prominent artists have appeared in countless national and international publications over the last three decades.

Show and Tell. I know you’ve been making something interesting this past quarter. Please bring it by so we can get inspired and learn more about your interests.

Silent Auction. We will have a wide selection of 104 and boro glass available for bidding during our silent auction. Stock up so you can make even more Courage Beads for BOC.

Glass Gift Exchange. Please bring a wrapped flame worked bead or sculptural item for the gift exchange. All skill levels and themes are welcome. This is a great opportunity to get a unique item from one of your talented colleagues.

Beads of Courage Donation. Please keep the donations coming. All types of beads are appreciated and used by BOC. Courage beads, those with a special theme, size, texture, or sculptural element are especially needed. Courage beads are given to document significant events in a child’s treatment. There are never enough courage beads to satisfy the need, so they must be rationed out to the hospitals. 100,000 courage beads are needed every year!

Diane Woodall, editor of Soda Lime Times Magazine, has produced a new e-book of tutorials: Hot Glass for Cool Kids Volume 3. I think it’s the best so far; a compilation of her tutorials from past issues of SLT, plus several new tutorials. All proceeds from sales of the book go to BOC, so purchasing the book also will help BOC immediately. You can get this book, and other tutorial books, from the Soda Lime Times web site.

This quarter’s tutorial is from Diane’s latest book: the adorable chicken bead on the front cover.

BOC Tutorial

As soon as I saw this tutorial, I thought of my daughter’s flock of chickens. They’re urban chickens, so of course they must have city names; from the TV show Sex and the City. Clockwise from the left, that’s Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie. Don’t know what will happen to them when their egg laying days are over, kind of hard to eat something that you’ve named.

This tutorial really lends itself to some great color variations and provides an opportunity to make a simple cane for the nest material. Have fun!

These tutorials are made possible by the generosity of Diane Woodall and Soda Lime Times https://www.sodalimetimes.com. Soda Lime Times is a great monthly publication for all types of flame workers and is also a major supporter of Beads of Courage. I encourage you to check out this publication, I’m sure you will find it engaging and valuable.

See you in March.

Steve Bay

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