Steven Bay

Meet Steven Bay

Written by Nina Dusedau, 8/3/16

Interview by Barbara Evans

I first met Steve Bay in Eugene, OR, at the 2015 Glass Stock West event. His entry into the glass themed Hat Contest totally WOWed me, and in a complete stroke of luck, I found out that he lives in our area of SoCal. I invited him to our club meetings, he volunteered to be on the SCFS Board as Secretary, became our Video Tech Guru, and the rest is history, & his story.

Steve began working with glass in 2010. He first learned about making glass beads in a class at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, and his interest was sparked enough to create a studio in his garage.

Steve has earned degrees in Biology, as well as in Marine Biology. He’s an environmental scientist, and works with a public research agency to study the effects of pollution on our coastal waters. You can see his passion for life’s creatures and plant life reflected in his art. Steve’s wife, Cathy Crouch, is also a Marine Biologist and community college educator. They have one daughter, Maile, a physical therapist.

He enjoys making single pieces that combine his skills in glass fusing, sculptural work, and beadmaking. A great example of this, is his Alice In Wonderland themed glass hat pictured here. Recently, Steve has been making fused glass pocket vases that incorporate torchworked sculptural leaves and insects, in addition to implosions used as the centers of kilnformed glass flowers. To create his art, he works with just about every kind of glass: Boro for his sculptural work, Moretti for beadwork, and COE 96 for the torched work that he uses in his fused pieces. Primarily, he uses a GTT Lynx torch, and occasionally his Nortel RedMax.

Since he got into glass later in life, Steve doesn’t want to lose any precious time, and is soaking up all the glass learning opportunities he can! He’s had the pleasure of taking great classes with Adam Teller at PAG, Loren Stump, Deb Crowley, Suellen Fowler, and Josh and Eli Mazet. Besides these artists, he is inspired by the work of Beau Tsai, Vittorio Constantini, and Wesley Fleming, who combine biological realism and beauty. He also takes advantage of YouTube videos to learn new techniques.

Steve is a “Jack of All Trades” who relishes a challenge. He loves to build things and has made a small boat, a garage, an electric car, and most recently a chicken coop for his daughter. His building skills come in handy when he designs or modifies tools for his glasswork, and for making metal-worked components for his pieces. His artistic voice is evident in his watercolor paintings, and biological illustrations, which tie in well to creating his glass art. He also enjoys playing the ukulele and guitar.

The SCFS Board Members appreciate Steve’s great ideas and his meticulous work. His suggestion of recording our Demos for this website, was followed up with his willingness to learn to tackle the technical and artistic challenges of creating flameworking videos. With this venture, Steve has made it possible for the So Cal Flame Surfers to share worldwide, what we have experienced firsthand from talented and generous artists. The videos also give us another chance to watch an artist’s technique we want to try in our studios, but didn’t quite get in the live show. Check out the wonderful Beau Tsai Demo of a Boro Seahorse, that Steve recorded and produced for us. To watch the video, go to this website’s banner, and click on the tab, “Gallery/Tutorials”.

On a good week, Steve spends around 10 hours on the torch. As you can see, he’s taken the glass plunge very seriously, and hopes that in the near future his torchwork will include making blown pieces, working with enamels, and making Murrini. His ultimate goal is to master his glass skills so that someday he will, “Be known for making realistic sculptures of ocean life, that celebrate their beauty, diversity, and fantastic adaptations to life in the sea.”

Steve’s advice for glass artists is, “Take classes and talk to as many different artists as you can. Don’t be afraid to try new things!”

Thank you, Steve, for joining the So Cal Flame Surfers, and for already making a positive imprint on our club for all time!

Steven’s business is called, Sea Urchin Glass. You can see more of Steven’s work on his website: and contact him to place an order at