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Spring 2019

SCFS News: Spring 2019

President’s Corner

Spring Greetings to all So Cal Flame Surfers!

May got off to a great start for those of us able to participate in our special studio event for the Beads of Courage program at Childrens Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). Over 40 teen BOC members and nursing staff joined as at the Showcase Gallery of Orange County Fine Arts (OCFA) for an afternoon of arts and crafts. We set up torches and made custom beads for many of our guests. We also helped our guests make polymer clay beads. CHOC and BOC headquarters provided additional craft activities, including bead stringing and making art cards. Many thanks to all Surfers that gave so generously of their time and energy to prepare for the event and make it a success: Wendy, Charlie, Susan Haskell, Kathy, Dolly, Shari, and Judy Beard. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

We are back at our regular location for our next meeting on June 15. See below for details. I’ve also included some slides from a message that BOC Executive Director and Founder Jean Gribbon shared with me about the impact of BOC. The BOC program continues to grow and change lives around the world. Your donations are essential to the success of this program, please keep making Courage Beads.


June 15 Meeting at Pacific Art Glass

  • Saturday, June 15, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • Pacific Art Glass, Gardena, CA

Our June meeting will be held at Pacific Art Glass. Many thanks to John Williams and the PAG staff for providing us space for our meetings. Come early so you can stock up on glass and other supplies before the meeting starts.

Our featured guest artist for the meeting is Jordan Segell, PAG staff, artist, and instructor. Jordan Segell is a Los Angeles local, born and raised on the westside. While studying jazz and music theory in high school, he sought out more after graduation. Unsure of what to pursue, Jordan took a variety of art classes at Santa Monica College. He was informed of the glass program and signed up, including taking classes from one of our own, Susan Haskell. Through the program he found the medium that he would truly fall in love with. While the glass program unfortunately only runs in the fall, Jordan knew he would have to stay hot, so he pulled all the money out of his savings to buy his first torch. The rest is history. Jordan will be demonstrating how to work lined tubing and shape out a hollow disk pendant, as well as walk through several different techniques and tricks on how to work borosilicate glass. Jordan will emphasize techniques that can be used on the smaller torches typically used for soft glass work.

Demo. Jordan Segell: making a pendant from lined tubing.

Show and Tell. Bring in some of your latest creations to share with the group.

Glass Gift Exchange. Please bring in a wrapped glass item of your creation to exchange in our drawing. This is a great opportunity to get something special, created by one of our members.

Food. Drinks and light snacks will be provided.

Beads of Courage Donation. Please remember to bring your Courage beads for donation at the meeting. Courage beads are always in short supply and BOC never has enough of these beads to meet the need. Our contributions are essential to helping maintain the special qualities and benefits of this program. Courage beads are those with a special theme, size, texture, or sculptural element (without exposed reactive glass). Your orphan beads make perfect Courage beads, so clean out your inventory and give encouragement to a child.

Our BOC partners at CHOC love to hand out seasonal or themed beads to encourage patients and give them a break from the medical routine. I encourage you to make some Summer-themed beads (beach, fun food, sports) to bring to the meeting. We’ll make sure they get to CHOC and BOC in time for Summer.

BOC Message

I recently received a message from Jean Gribbon, BOC Executive Director and Founder. She wanted to express her thanks to our support of the BOC programs. Of course, you deserve the thanks for your support of our Flame Surfer donations and special events. Here is her message, along with some excerpts of her slide presentation at the recent ISGB meeting in Las Vegas.

From Jean:

“Thank you so much for connecting and providing bead making instruction to some new volunteers in SoCal!  We need more bead makers!!

I spoke at the ISGB and shared how we need more beadmakers to learn the art of glass beadmaking so that children in Beads of Courage will always have an opportunity to receive original art on their toughest treatment days.  We regularly have a bead shortage…not because artists are not donating but because our demands are so much greater.

From what first started with our first program to help children coping with cancer tell their story of courage has now evolved into 12 unique programs. Each program developed from request from frontline of caring to help NICU program….siblings….bereaved families, and the greater community to be a source of support for the children we care for through Beads of Courage….

I just received this photo this week while here with my bead family…….Chloe just got married and was one of the first Beads of Courage members to receive Beads of Courage in Minnesota……as you can see…she brought her beads to be photographed with her in her wedding dress.

Your beads….become a tangible testament to Life and Love.”

Be assured that your bead donations are an important source of encouragement to many.

See you on June 15,

Steve Bay

President, So Cal Flame Surfers

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