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SoCalFlameSurfers Newsletter March, 2015

Come Celebrate With the So Cal Flame Surfers,
at our “Spring Into Action”  Meeting

So Cal Flame Surfers Meeting
March 7, 2015,   10am – 1:00pm
Location: Pacific Art Glass
125 West 157th Street
Gardena, CA 90248

Potluck: Light and Delicious
Bead Exchange Theme:   Flowers. Wide open to interpretation and all skill levels.
Demo By: Adam Teller. Flower Implosion Pendant using Borosilicate Glass.

Join Us For The Fun Of It!
It’s time to Renew Your Membership to the So Cal Flame Surfers for 2015. Don’t forget to bring $20 to become a card carrying member!  We take cash, or a check written out to: So Cal Flame Surfers. Membership means you can attend our Mini Workshops, and get the four yearly meetings for the best price.

Mini Workshop:
To be announced at the meeting, with sign up possible if dates get confirmed.

Show and Tell:
Show us your Favorite Beads, and tell us what you learned or enjoyed when making them.

Technical Questions Puzzler: (NEW!) Here are some examples:
Bring us your technical questions about how something is done in glass. Or, bring in some of your failed efforts at something you’ve tried,  to give us a clear jumping off point.  Experienced Club members will do their best to give you suggestions to move your work to the next level faster.
A)       Why do some of my beads crack when I encase them? Bring us your example.
B)       What is the best way you have found to encase without making many bubbles?
C)       Which is the best clear to encase with, and why?
D)      I like to make sculptural beads. What is the best Bead Release for pulling glass into shape without breaking the bead release?

Tips and Tricks:  (NEW!) Share a glassy discovery with all of us! Here are some Examples:
A)   Do you have a great new color you have created using standard colors? What is the formula or ratio between the colors?
B)   What glass Color Reaction have you found that you are fond of, and how do you use it?
C)   What are the best ways to work in the flame to avoid Devitrification with colors such as  Effetre Purple pastel #254   (Evil Devitrifying Purple)?
D)   What is your tip for making beads of the same size?
E)   What have you found as the best method to properly gauge the right amount of glass on the mandrel to put into a bead press? Any other bead press tips?
F)   Old tool, new use.
G)  New tool, great use.
H) What are some of your favorite books or DVDs on glass?
I)  Favorite Glass Instruction YouTube videos? Favorite magazine or e-zine?

Beads Of Courage:
Make some child friendly beads to donate to BOC! Put aside a baggie, slap your name on it, and bring your 5, or more, “exta beads” for BOC, to receive a special Door Prize Ticket.  BOC Beads Can’t Have: Sharp Edges, Broken Parts, or Cracks, No Metals on the surface of the bead (like silver glass), Bead Release, or Delicate Parts that can break easily.

Volunteer Needed To Help at This Meeting. Please email or FaceBook message me to arrange how you can help us at this meeting. ninasnotions@gmail.com
Volunteer Needed for the Board. Education Coordinator.
Contact me to make Your Club even better! ninasnotions@gmail.com

What is your expertise in glasswork? Are you interested in teaching a Mini Workshop?
Contact me at ninasnotions@gmail.com and we can discuss the possibilities! Mini Workshops are planned in a professional manner. The teacher is paid a stipend for travel and lunch.

Our next meeting is on June 13, 2015   10am – 1pm.
LocationCoatings By Sandberg – CBS
Bead Exchange Theme: Summer Fun. Wide open to interpretation and all skill levels.

Special Events:

  • International Society of Glass Beadmakers: The Gathering in Albuquerque, NM, July 15-19. The Gathering Booklet is available online, at ISGB.org . Registration, for Classes and The Gathering, starts on Wednesday, February 18, at 9am Pacific Time.
  • Glass Craft And Bead Expo in Las Vegas. Classes April 8-12, Exhibits April 10-12 (Register NOW!)
  • Glass Art Society Conference in San Jose, CA, June 5-7, 2015 (Register NOW)
  • Glass Stock West in Eugene, Oregon, September  2- 6, 2015 (Register NOW!)



  • Pacific Art Glass – Sign up at pacificartglass.com
  • Leland Srygley: Boro Basics: February 7, 14, 21, 28.  Beyond Boro Basics: March 14, 21, 28, April 4
  • Corina Tettinger: Ocean Creatures: April 17th.  Inside-out Ocean Beads: April 18th and 19th.
  • Coatings By Sandberg , CBS -Sign up at cbs-dichroic.com
  • Doug Baldwin: Photography and Photoshop Workshop,  2/19 & 2/20, and also on 2/21  & 2/22.
  • Josh Mazet: Dichroic Coated Sculptural Pieces, 2/19 & 2/20, and also on 2/21  & 2/22.
  • Stephen Woodruff:  Paperweights and Glass Blowing, 2/21  &  2/22.

Check out our website, socalflamesurfers.org -join us on FaceBook, Top-Right-Corner button.

Let’s keep the conversation going!

Can’t Wait To See You All,
Nina Dusedau, President, So Cal Flame Surfers


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