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SoCalFlameSurfers Newsletter August, 2014

FALL SoCalFlameSurfers MEETING
September 13, 2014, 10am – 1:00pm
Location: Pacific Art Glass, 125 West 157th Street, Gardena, CA 90248 

Potluck: Whatever you and others might enjoy eating.
Bead Exchange Theme: Trees. Wide open to interpretation and all skill levels.
Volunteers Needed To Help at This Meeting. No, you don’t have to be on the Board to Help! Please email or FaceBook message me to arrange what Job you can do. ninasnotions@gmail.com
Demo By Karen Fox: Fabulous Frit Flowers: Making The Cane and Applying It

Hi So Cal Flame Surfers!
We’d like to Welcome Sallie Licata to our SCFS Board, as our new Treasurer. She is bursting with ideas and energy, as you will see in this newsletter, and at the Meeting.  Put aside a baggie, slap your name on it, and bring your 5, or more “Extra Beads” donation for Beads Of Courage, and you’ll receive a special Door Prize Ticket. A discard for us, is a treasure for them. Children get to choose your bead, and they just see the beauty in it.

Top 10 Reasons We Tell Ourselves Our “Extra Beads” Are Not Worthy of BOC

  • It’s Not Cute. Colors Didn’t Work. Decoration Is Not Perfect. Shape Is Not symmetrical. There Is Some Scum From the Clear. It Divitrified a Little. I Don’t Like this Bead, it’s Bu-– Ugly. There’s a bubble in the wrong place. That line is off kilter. My Work Is Not Good
  • You can always make special Cute Beads for BOC at your studio, or on BOC Flame Date 10/25

Valid Reasons Not To Donate A Bead to Beads Of Courage
1. Bead has Sharp Edges, Broken Parts, is Cracked
2. Metals on the surface of the 
bead (like silver glass)
3. Dirty with Bead Release (then please just clean it out well and donate it).

With Judy Carlson,
October 18th,
Pacific Art Glass, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, $60.

Our fourth Mini Workshop! Sign up will only be at this meeting, and begins at 10am sharp. First Come, First Served. Only room for 8 students, and one will share torch with Judy. You must be a 2014 SCFS Member to participate. Come prepared with a $60.00 check made out to So Cal Flame Surfers, or Cash. If you are not a member yet, the annual membership fee is an additional $20. You must Fill Out a Waiver for SCFS and also for Pacific Art Glass. You’ll be given a Class Description/Supply List at sign up.  JUDY CARLSON is our past President, and is a highly respected and talented beadmaker, jewelry designer, tutorial author, and teacher. She is best known for her fabulous fish beads, and funny Food Chain fish. She makes incredibly lovable and collectible animal beads, such as her Puffins, Bears, and Sea Creatures. Go to jujeebeads.com to learn more about Judy and see her beads.

SHOW AND TELL:  Bring Your Process Beads. Show us the bead you made when you first attempted your artistic vision, then beads you made as you progressed in your efforts towards a bead that satisfies that vision. Sallie Licata, Nina Dusedau, and others will Show you Theirs, if you Show us yours 😉 My first attempt bead is guaranteed to make you laugh, yet is also a reminder that Ours Is A Continual Work In Progress. Or bring your Dichro Bead, Show your Favorite Bead, Share A Discovery, or Just Ask Us How To….

SAVE THE DATE: December 6, 2014 The Holiday Bash! Pacific Art Glass, 10am – Bead Exchange Theme for December: Animals. Wide open to interpretation and all skill levels.  

Pacific Art Glass Open House: October 11 & 12, 2014
The Mandrel: Beads Of Courage Flame Date: October 25th, 10am
ISGB: Next Gathering in Albuquerque, NM, July 2015

Pacific Art Glass: Beginning Boro with Leland Srygley. And look for the Loren Stump class.
CBS: October Classes: Stephen Woodruff, Glass Blowing/ Paperweights.

A Door Prize Ticket: For So Cal Flame Surfers 2014 Members, or those paying the entry fee of $6. A ticket for ISGB Members.  A Ticket for Beads Of Courage Donation of 5 or more beads.  

Check out our website, socalflamesurfers.org and join us on FaceBookLet’s keep the conversation going!   

Can’t Wait To See You and show you my wacky first attempt bead on September 13th,
Nina Dusedau, President, So Cal Flame Surfers

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