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So Cal Flame Surfers – Aug. 2016

Shed Your Inhibitions


Turn Over A New Leaf

So Cal Flame Surfers Meeting

September 17, 2016,   10am – 1:00pm

 Pacific Art Glass

125 West 157th Street

Gardena, CA 90248

Potluck Theme: A Harvest of Leafy, and Healthy Salads, & Fruit


Demo: Blowing Glass Shards, by Charlie Warner

Charlie will blow your mind with all the possibilities that making shards can offer.

BIG News:  We can Earmark our Beads of Courage lampworked beads! We’ll choose which local hospitals will receive our beads (must participate in the BOC program). Every time you work at the torch, please make one bead for a child in our local area. The beads we donate are used as, “Courage Beads” for when seriously ill children have a difficult procedure. Read about the BOC program beadsofcourage.org

It’s a wonderful organization, and the SCFS club is making it our official charity, with a goal to donate an annual contribution of 600+ beads! That’s only equal to just about 20 beads per member in a year. Please Help Us Make or Exceed Our Goal.


If you signed up at the last meeting for the  BOC Bead Challenge, Don’t forget to bring in your  6 or more Child Friendly Beads!   If you made BOC beads, bring them in!

Wendy Leys, our BOC Liaison, will give out some extra prizes.  We’ll  Show & Tell the BOC Beads we made for the kids. Please bring back your borrowed tutorial so someone else can try it out.

Beads Of Courage Donations:

You can make special Child Friendly Beads, you can contribute some of your favorite beads, or even make simple yet lovely frit beads (non-reactive). Place 5 or more beads in a baggie, slap your name on the bag, and you will earn a yellow ticket for entry into a BOC door prize drawing. Mandrel Size Preferred is 3/32”.

BOC BEAD Necessities

No: Sharp Edges, Broken Parts, Cracks, Bead Release, Delicate Parts, or Metals on the Surface of the bead (like Silver, or Reactive glass).

YES: Strive for clean beads with soft donut shaped ends, so that the kids don’t cut themselves, and their bead strings don’t fray.

Revised Exchange!

Small Glass Treasures –    Exchange Theme is  Back To School.

Create a bead, or other small glass treasure, to exchange with another flameworker in a drawing. As one example for this meeting’s theme, you could make an, “Apple for the teacher” bead, or you could make an off mandrel sculptural apple, or a small marble with an apple on it, or an apple shaped pendant, an apple button, an apple murrini… You get the idea 🙂

This Revised Exchange is a reflection of the new direction that the ISGB is taking, and it may be that the SCFS will soon be called a Chapter of the ISGA, or the International Society of Glass Artists.  The Membership of the ISGB is voting now, and by September 1,  we will know if the ISGB continues as is, or reflects the changing times in the world of flameworkers.

2016 Annual Membership: $20 to be a 2016 SCFS Member!

If you are Not An Annual 2016 SCFS Member, you Must Pay $6 to participate in a meeting, and $10 to participate in the December Holiday Bash.

Door Prize Tickets:

One Blue Door Prize Ticket for every attendee.

One Red Door Prize Ticket for ISGB members

One Yellow Door Prize Ticket  for Beads Of Courage, Bead Donations of 5 or more beads.

Show & Tell : Bring in your lampworked BOC donations Beads, and your new Favorite Bead.

Tips & Tricks: What can you tell the rest of us that will help us become better, faster, or more efficient in our craft? Share a glassy discovery with all of us! The best one will win a prize.

Technical Question: Are you stumped about a flameworking process that someone in the group might be able to help you with? Ask, and ye shall receive an answer – to the best of our ability 😉

It’s Your Club

Have Fun Becoming a More Active Participant

SCFS Board Member Needed – Club Votes on 12/3/16, Responsibilities begin 12/4/16:

Vendor Liaison: Contact Vendors and Request Donations, Be in charge of Door Prizes, Catalogue & keep a running record of club Inventory.

Would you like to Demo, or Teach a Mini Workshop? Contact  Dee Frey, our Education Coordinator:  deefrey@me.com

Become an “Associate To The Board”: An Associate to the SCFS Board contributes to the club by holding a position for one year or for a total of 4 general meetings. An Associate is not a Board position, therefore is not a voting member, and is not responsible to attend Board Meetings.

Associate Positions Available:

Featured Artist Author : Interview a SCFS Artist, & write up article for Hall of Flame on Web.

Associate Educational Coordinator: Help out Dee Frey with Mini Workshops.

Librarian : Help get a library started for our members!


Our Next Meeting is The Holiday Bash, December 3, 10am – 1pm, at Pacific Art Glass.

Small GlassTreasures – Exchange Theme: Winter Wonderland.

Tentative Date,  March 4, 2017, at Pacific Art Glass, for our first meeting of 2017.

Flameworking Classes and Events:

ISGB Gathering/Glass Craft and Bead Expo

The So Cal Flame Surfers is a Chapter of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers. This year, The ISGB Gathering is coming sooner, and will be at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, retaining the same Gathering events, but sharing the best of everything with Glass Craft and Bead Expo.  Just thinking about this gets me excited! Classes begin on March  28th, and both events will end on April  2, 2017.  This will truly be an extraordinary opportunity for the So Cal Flame Surfers!

Pacific Art Glass

12th Annual Glass Fest & Open House.  Celebrating 40 Amazing Years in business!

October 15th, 10am-5pm  & October 16th, 10am-4pm. Blowout Sale 10/14 through 10/17.


Sign up at cbs-dichroic.com

Josh Mazet: Dichroic Coated Sculptural Pieces

October 13th &14th, 9am-5pm or October 15th & 16th, 9am-5pm

Check out our website, socalflamesurfers.org  Sign up for the Newsletter, or Update Your Information. You can also join us on FaceBook! On the website banner, Click the FB button, visible on the top right-hand corner.

Keep those flames lit,

Nina Dusedau, President, So Cal Flame Surfers

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