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October 2009 Newsletter


The busy season is about to descend upon us! So let’s get ready to have some fun! Starting with this first weekend of October at Pacific Art Glass. I am sending this newsletter out a few days early so you all know about this. The fifth annual GLASS FEST at PAG will be taking place Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd & 4th. This will be an open house with many vendors and artists. In addition to the festivities, a sale will begin on Oct. 1st and run through the 5th. AND, in addition to all of that, there will be a juried ART GLASS COMPETITION with cash prizes! If you are interested in being part of this, you have to act quick because the deadline for submissions is Wednesday, September 30th, 5 pm. Click on PACIFIC ART GLASS for more info, discount tickets and submission form.

glass fest

September 19th meeting

Cynthia BakerSCFS held their 3rd quarter meeting on September 19th at Glass Obsessions. We were very pleased to have Cynthia Baker as our demo artist. Cynthia has explored many different glass forms including the Japanese style of glass bead making, which she demoed for us. She recently went on a retreat in PA and made beads from the old method using a Viking furnace (which they built themselves!). The satake glass and Japanese torch is a slower process than what we are used to, so while the glass was warming, Cynthia kept us enthralled with her experience with her Viking furnace stories. We are hoping she will be a Featured Artist Cynthia Bakerin the near future where you can read more in detail about her experiences… fascinating! (and be sure to check out our newest FA, Miss Holly Hughes!) I would also like to thank the folks who brought new members (and welcome to the newbies!) who all received a raffle ticket to win a holiday bead making class from our very own Bindy Lambell! (drawing will take place next year, so keep bringing new members!)

Oxygen ConcentratorWe (the board) are already getting details sorted out for the SCFS big holiday meeting taking place on December 5th at Pacific Art Glass. We are very excited to announce that one of our many great items up for raffle will be an Extreme Oxygen Concentrator (EX-15 Oxygenator/Concentrator 15 PSI 3 Year Warranty inc.). I know I wouldn’t mind that one myself! Plus every paying member ($5 mtg. fee) will receive a very nice gift. Our bead exchange theme is “Winter Whites” and as always, we will be collecting beads for Beads of Courage. Each person bringing a bag of beads (minimum 20 beads) will receive one raffle ticket, so start putting those extra beads to the side. BOC really appreciates it! More meeting info next month!

Bead BazaarOn Sunday, October 25th, the L. A. Bead Society will be hosting their Bead Bazaar in Culver City. This is a nice show with plenty of familiar faces….so make your plans to stop by, maybe do a little holiday shopping!

November 13th and 14th weekend, two bead shows….The Whole Bead Show in San Diego andBABE! in Oakland. I know Oakland isn’t exactly So Cal, but it’s a great show with lots of really good classes and it pretty easy to get there. Speaking of classes, lots going on in So Cal. Visit the SCFS website for more info.

If you know of any shows, events, competitions, etc. that you would like us to know about, please email us and let us know. We will post it on our website.


Thank you for your continued support of our club and the ISGB! I would also like to thank my editor, Truffles, who is a very unusual speller!  jkl;;;;llllllll;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;nkk
She says “happy torching!”



Judy Carlson

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