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Nina Dusedau

Nina Dusedau

My first encounter with Nina Dusedau was through a phone call back in 2011. Nina had found my contact info through the So Cal Flame Surfers. She was still living in New Jersey, but in the midst of moving to So Cal with her husband, Stefan. She told me a little about herself and how much she enjoyed making beads, and was interested in linking up with bead makers once she was settled in. I told her about the SCFS meetings and sure enough, the first one she could make it to, she was there.

I immediately admired her passion and excitement for the art of Lampworking. Nina had not yet set up her home studio, so she was eager to at least be around glass and glass people. About a year or so later, she volunteered as the raffle chairperson on the SCFS board. At the start of this year, 2014, when the some of the previous board stepped down, Nina stepped up to the plate….all the way up, as the new President of So Cal Flame Surfers.

Nina began her glass journey in 2004, when her husband enticed her into his beginner bead making class. They began on hot heads, but after a few months with just the basics, they invested in setting up a full studio in their home.

Nina would frequent a local art studio and learned several techniques from her instructor, Stephanie Maddalena’s demos. She also began taking professional classes with John Winters, Alethia Donathan, Jeri Warhaftigand Kate Fowle Meleney, to name a few.

After attending Bead Fest in PA, Nina was introduced to the ISGB. She joined right away, the perfect opportunity to network with other bead makers. In 2012 she attended her first Gathering in Seattle, WA. Glass bead makers from all over the world were there. It was truly eye opening, and a wonderfully memorable experience for her. As a side benefit she even got to have fun with her friend Liz and teacher Jeri, from New Jersey!


Another amazing thing happened to Nina while at Bead Fest. She met Sharon Peters and got to watch Sharon create one of her wacky monkey beads. Sharon was also educating folks on Beads of Courage (BOC) and what this organization does for children with life threatening illnesses. Nina was touched deeply by this and together with her local studio instructor, began to make and collect beads for BOC. Nina found this part of bead making to be extremely rewarding. Not only was she doing something she loved, but now her beads had an extra special purpose.

Nina continues to be involved with BOC by making and collecting beads through So Cal Flame Surfers and attending organized bead challenges.  In addition to supporting BOC, Nina and her new board have also created Mini Workshops for the club. This is an excellent and affordable opportunity to learn a specific technique from one of your fellow Flame Surfers!

Although Nina was born in New York, her family is from Panama. She lived there as a young child and considers Spanish as her first language. By age 9 she was back in New York. She ended up in New Jersey when she met and married the love of her life, Stefan.  Nina and Stefan are the proud parents of three, and most recently, the new proud Grandparents of an adorable baby boy.

Aside from her glass beads and her new grandson, Nina has become enthralled with bird watching. She said she tried to make a bird bead but it came out a cross between a chicken and a fish! (I’d like to see that!) She also enjoys photographing flowers and making flower beads.

One of these days Nina will set up a website for her “Nina’s Notions In Glass”. But in the meantime she will continue to create glass beads for both herself and for Beads of Courage.




Written by: Judy Carlson

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