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Linda Ames

Linda Ames

Linda AmesPlease join the SCFS board members in welcoming our new featured artist, Linda Ames.   

Linda is a resident of Laguna Beach.  Her studio is located at the Laguna Canyon Artist campus, which she shares with 40 other professional artists.  Being amongst fellow artist’s everyday of the week gives her inspiration, even on those “off” days.

Linda’s artistic career begins with painting; creating abstract multi-media paintings. Looking for a sculptural medium to add to her evolving career, in 1994 she added glasswork to her repertoire, incorporating the ocean theLinda Amesme into her bead designs.  Living in Laguna Beach, her bead designs are inspired by the tide pools and ocean swirls.  Her technique is to layer, twist, and develop texture…whatever it takes to get an unusual look or shape.  Her glass of choice at the moment is Bullseye, but we may see her expand into boro soon.

In developing her talents, she has her heart set to learn many more techniques.  Among those are sculptural pieces, marbles, painting on glass and photo transfer on glass.  She is always exploring the many endless ways to work with glass.

Linda AmesShe works daily, either creating beads or designing sculptural jewelry with her lampworked beads incorporated with sterling silver and gold.  She also teaches not only lampworking, but her technique of bead weaving as well.

Linda’s work can be seen at the annual Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival every summer and at the Winter Fantasy Festival at the same location beginning in November.  To see more of her beads and jewelry, please visit her website for other exhibitions and to view many of her exquisite creations.  www.LindaAmesStudio.com.



Linda Ames

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