Fueling The Passion

Kathy James

Kathy James
Our new featured artist is our wonderfully talented member, Kathy James.. 

Kathy JamesAs it is with all of us, once we start melting glass, the addiction sets in. The allure of the flame, the creative boundaries unlimited, the satisfaction that comes with the creation of the finished piece…this is what happened to Kathy when she first lit a Hothead torch nearly five years ago.

Always intrigued by the beauty of glass beads, she was curious to find out how they were made. Kathy JamesTogether with a friend they set out to explore and found a class in glass bead making. To her amazement, she found out quickly that it was possible to make beads within your own home premises; no large hot shop required!

After her initial class, Kathy continued to explore bead making on her own. She since went on to learn more techniques from other wonderful artists such as Leah Fairbanks, Anne Ricketts, Margaret Zinser, Michael Barley, Heather Trimlett, Andrea Guarino-Kathy JamesSlemmons, Jennifer Geldard and Stephanie Sersich. Such a vast array of techniques and styles to learn and gain inspiration!

Since her first initiation into the world of glass, she has upgraded from the Hothead torch to a Nortel Minor with an Oxy Con and works with the 104 COE glass. Frits and the new silver glasses are favorites of hers to play with now, along with using twisties and stringers in her designs.

Kathy JamesAlthough Kathy doesn’t claim to have a “signature” bead, her work gravitates towards making beads with Opal Yellow and the silver glasses using gravity swirls and stringers.

Restricted with condo living, she is unable to make beads at home. But with the generosity of her parents, they kindly lend her their garage to make beads at her whim. Eventually, and with early retirement, her goal is to make and sell her beads full time.

Kathy JamesKathy is continuously exploring ways to incorporate her beautiful lampwork beads into her own jewelry designs. In addition to flourishing as a glass bead artist, her exploration into the art of silversmith work to complement her beads has become another fascination.

Kathy’s words of inspiration for our beginning members: “Don’t be afraid to jump right in and give it a try! It’s a wonderful art form with lots of possibilities – have fun with it!”

Thank you Kathy, and continue to have fun with your explorations in glass and inspiring others with your creativity!

Kathy James

Kathy James

Kathy James



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