Fueling The Passion

June 2007 Newsletter

june 16 2007 meetingOn June 16th we had our second meeting of 2007. It was held at The Mandrel in Torrance at Donna Conklin’s shop. It was such a treat to be able to see all the colors of glass rods in person and peruse the different colors of frits and enamels that Donna carries. Our Hawaiian luau was topped off by Donna’s husband, Jeff, barbecuing shish kabobs right in the parking lot. Special thanks to our hospitality chairs who did a great job decorating and setting up the food table.

There were lots of great raffle prizes, including new items with our So Cal Flame Surfers logo on them which we are selling through Cafe Press. Many thanks to all that donated!!

June 16, 2007 meetingWell, all that weren’t able to attend missed the “Pass the Bead Along” game. It was tons of fun and a big surprise every time a new bead was passed to the next person. Everyone added their personal touches and the original beads were transformed into something very different from when they were first started. The beads were popped into the kiln at the end so we all have to wait until the next meeting to see them. It will be exciting to see the results!!

Now for the “business” topics……
The next meeting in September will be held at Winship Designs in Torrance. We have Joe Rooks lined up for a demo.

June 16 2007 meetingPlease check out the items for sale at Cafe Press. There are coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats and magnets with our logo on them. The link to the store is on the top right on this webpage.

Judy is still getting alot of bounced emails when she sends out the monthly newsletters. If your email address has changed, please email Judy at judy@jujeebeads.com.

Tim Snyder came up with great suggestion on entering a collaborative piece(s) of jewelry (with beads, of course) at the Orange County and/or Los Angeles fair. He kindly volunteered to come up with a few guidelines, June 16 2007 meeinglike size, color scheme, theme and type. Anyone and everyone can make beads for this effort and have them shown off at the fair. It will be a great way to promote SCFS. Afterwards, it was suggested that we could sell the piece(s) and possibly donate part to charity. All this is still in it’s infancy so stay tuned for details. Also, any suggestions are much appreciated.





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