Fueling The Passion

Judy Carlson

Judy Carlson
This Quarter’s featured Artist: Judy CarlsonCathy McNassorGlass beads have taken over my life! Three year ago, I was determined to learn how one creates beads made from glass. I signed up for a beginners workshop in San Diego (that included a fish bead!) and have been nonstop ever since!

I was specifically interested in the fish beads because I wanted to re-create the creatures I encounter from my SCUBA adventures. My bead making has flourished into a wonderfuljujeebeads.combusiness called Jujee Beads. I adore everything about the ocean and I believe this passion comes through in my beads. I have a unique customer base that includes SCUBA divers and other ocean adoring people.

I am having a great time selling my art at several bead shows throughout California and Arizona. I am inspired by the people I talk to and it makes me feel good when they are excited about my work.

I have had the opportunity to study and learn from manyjujeebeads.com talented glass artists, including Leah Faribanks, Deb Crowley, Pati Walton, Corina Tettinger, Katie O’Meara and Pam Pitts, to name a few. I love taking classes! Besides learning a new trick or two, I am always inspired by the instructors and energy of the group.

I live at the beach with my wonderful husband Roger and our three feline children. jujeebeads.comRoger and I love to SCUBA dive and we both do underwater photography as well.

To view more of Judy’s glass art, please check out her website at:


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