Fueling The Passion

February 2008 Newsletter

Greetings SCFS!

It’s already February 6th and I know what you’re thinking… WHERE IS MY NEWSLETTER?

Well, here it is…finally. I’ve been a busy gal lately. I been chained to the torch and now I am in Tucson for the Spring Best Bead Show which goes through Sunday, February 10th. There are several shows going on here, the Whole Bead Show, Bead Rennaisance, To Blue Bead True…just to name a few. TONS of lampworkers here, LOTS of beautiful beads to drool over…and buy!

But enough about Tucson….So Cal has plenty going on too. First I want to remind you the date of the next SoCal meeting will be March 22nd at Pacific Art Glass. The meetings always start about 10 am and the info will always be on the website.

The bead exchange theme will be “Frits & Florals”. Let your imagination take you away to a beautiful frit filled garden…then wrap that bead up, and be sure to include your name/card for the bead exchange. The demo artsit (very cool…in the works!) and food theme will be announced in the next newsletter.

The SCFS have a great website! It’s there for all of us. We have a Featured Artist Page that featured our “own”! Barbara Birbeck has been doing a wonderful job putting this page together based on the info you provide. So be a star for a month or two! Contact Barbara about getting your bio and bead pics up as the SCFS Featured Artist! barbbbeads@att.net

We also have a “Gallery” page. This is where you can have your webpage featured. I have noticed lately that a few websites are out of date…and I know more members out there have websites that are not listed on the Gallery….why not? Email your info along with a photo to Carey. She would love to add your site to the list! ccbaluba@yahoo.com

Barbara has also put together a glass get-together in the Inland Empire on February 16th. If you are interested in joining a few glass artists just to gab about glass, you can contact Barb at barbbbeads@att.net for more info.

Although we hope you all make it to the SCFS meeting on March 22nd, another option would be the Marble Show at the Wyndahm Anaheim Hotel in Fullerton. (222 W. Houston Ave) For more info, please contact Mike Close at Bqmold@earthlink.net

Jennifer Geldard will be teaching at The Mandrel next month. Jen’s class is filled with fun and different techniques! Well worth the two days! www.themandrel.com/classes___workshops.html In April, Judy Carlson (yes, me, just felt weird to say I and assume you knew….) will be teaching two 1-day classes at The Mandrel. A Sea of Techniques and Fishing 101 will take you on a sculptural journey, filled with tips and trick that you will be able to use anywhere your imagination can take you.

I think that’s all for now. Lots going on as usual. If you have amny questions, visit the SCFC website or email me.

Thanks and we hope to see you in March!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Judy 🙂

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