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Dee Frey

Dee Frey

SCFS is pleased to announce our new featured artist Dee Frey!

I sat down with Dee and got the scoop about how she got into lampworking, and where her glass journey has taken her. And let me tell you it has been quiet a long journey. (More about that later.)

Dee’s Journey started about 6 years ago when she worked with seed beads. She bought a critter from Penny Michelle at a local bead show and she noticed Heather Trimletts beads on Penny Michelle’s web site. From that web site she took her first class with Heather Trimlett.

Dee’s love for art has influenced her in many ways, not only is she a lamp work artist, but she also writes poetry, plays the violin, and dabbles in Chinese brush painting.

Dee believes that taking classes with others have helped her become a better glass artist and has helped her develop her own unique style.

She loves sculptured work, marbles and detail work, which is why she has taken classes from Judy Carlson.
Trey Cornette, Joshua Mazet, Margaret Zinser, and of course Andrew Brown.

Many great artists inspire Dee’s work but one artist fascinates her the most is Sharon Peters. Dee loves the diversity in her sculptural work
And loves the whimsical nature as well.

Dee’s glass consists of boro and soft glass. (not together of course) .Marbles are one of her favorite things to make.

As far as her equipment goes she uses a
Scorpion when she melts borosilicate glass and a Nortel Minor for soft glass.
Her favorite beads to make  (at the moment) are pirate skulls, and the dead themed beads.

Dee felt that she was such a bad beginner at making beads that she took her first class twice. The second time she caught on and felt good enough to try it on her own and kept her first bead set. She says she has them somewhere.

Dee’s full time job is a Space Plasma Physicist that takes up way to much time and she can only get in the studio 6 hours a week making beads for beads of courage. But that has not stopped her, as Dees journey has taken her pretty far.  As a matter of fact, one of her beads was chosen to fly on the Space Shuttle for Beads of Courage, and of course that was a long journey!

Dee feels very proud of her accomplishments and we are proud of her too. She can’t imagine anything cooler then to donate her time to Beads of Courage. And to be honored with her bead in space.

For her future goals Dee would like to create more boro marbles, take a class doing inside out beads and gold fume.

As our interview wraps up, we always like to ask for some words of wisdom do for new bead artists, just starting out.
“Just don’t be distracted while working with glass.” Pay attention to what you are doing and you wont get burned.

Southern California Flame Surfers is very proud of Dee Frey and of her accomplishments.
But most of all we are happy she is part of our bead group and always look forward to seeing new and exciting things she comes up with. Congratulations Dee! Keep inspiring us!

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