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Charlie Warner

Charlie Warner

Welcome to our new featured artist, Charlie Warner!

Charlie was our recent past treasurer of the So. Cal. Flame Surfers, and is currently serving our organization as our new VP.  An enthusiastic and valuable member of the SCFS, we are pleased to showcase her art and history.

charilies creations 01Charlie began her artistic career early in life.  Growing up, she learned ceramics, painting and floral arranging from her mother.  Glass was always a favorite medium for her.  The way that light plays on the surface, reflecting and absorbing light, was what led Charlie towards her career in bead making.

Starting in ceramics, Charlie learned how clay can take on a life of its own.  She has applied that knowledge to the transformation of her hot glass creations.  Many of her beads have an organic look to them, incorporating metals, enamels and fuming.  Here’s Charlie’s perspective on her beads and the inspiration behind them:

“I love the organic look and working with metals, fuming, etc. I think Michael Barley’s
beads are incredible in their details.  I like the Asian feel that he gives his beads.charlie's creations 02 I also love Andrea’s work with metals, enamels and fuming. Her work is stunning. They are the two lampworkers that I wanted to take a class with since I first started working in glass and have finally realized that goal.”

Charlie began her bead making career after she took her first class in Dec., 2001.   Since then, she has been avidly learning and experimenting and creating absolutely awesome creations in glass.  Her glass work isn’t limited to beads.  Charlie makes exquisite miniature blown perfume bottles as well.    She has taken classes from many of the “masters” in glass work.  Among them are Deb Crowley, her first teacher after only 3 months of self-learning on the torch.  Leah Fairbanks, Alethia Donathan, Kim Affleck, Kate Fowle, Michael Barley, Kristina Logan and Andrea Gaurino, and Heather Trimlett are others.  WOW, an impressive list!

charlie's creations 03Using a Carlisle Mini CC torch in her converted garage to studio, Charlie’s allotted time to make beads is limited to mostly weekends.  But even with limited time, she spends it wisely, creating her own unique pieces of glass art.  Although she doesn’t lay claim to a “signature” bead, she draws her inspiration from many sources…from her beginnings in ceramics and painting to the artistic developments she’s gained through the teachings of many other enthusiastic glass artists willingly sharing their knowledge.

We have for your viewing pleasure on the SCFS website a few pictures of Charlie’s art.  To see more of her creations, please visit her website at:http://www.charliescreations.com

charlie's creations 04

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