Fueling The Passion

Cathy McNassor

Cathy McNassor

This Quarter’s featured Artist: Cathy McNassor

Cathy McNassor

I grew up in Claremont, California, which was a wonderful isolated enclave of academia in the orange groves before Los Angeles grew up to surround it.  At that time, the town was dominated by the Claremont Colleges and the lively art scene that flourished at Scripps and Pomona colleges.  Although my father was a professor of education, had many artist friends and creative people were always at our house and encouraging me to explore my own visions.  I do not remember a time when I was not creating some type of art or craft.

My academic background includes and B.A. from Pitzer College in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree from California State University, Los Angeles, in Cultural Anthropology.  My focus in school was textiles, which I wove, dyed and studied.  I have been fascinated with material culture and how the arts that people create reflect facets of their culture.

Cathy McNassorThough I was aware of glasswork during my college years I didn’t attempt to do it because the only process that I was exposed to was glassblowing and that seemed to be too large and difficult for me to handle.  About five (or six?) years ago I discovered that one could make beads from hot glass and I set out to learn how to do it.  At the same time I began learning how to fuse glass from Dee Behm.  I have studied beadmaking with many outstanding teachers, including Pati Walton, Leah Fairbanks and Loren Stump.

When I am not making beads or fusing glass I work in the museum field as an Archivist and I live in Pasadena, CA with my long suffering husband, two dogs, two cats, four tortoises and a horse.

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