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Carey Conley

Carey Conley
Our newest So. Cal. Flame Surfer’s Hall of Flame Member is our one and only webmaster, Carey Conley

Carey is the SCFS’s hero behind the scenes. Everything that you see on this website is a result of her endless efforts to add content and make continuous improvements for our organization’s website.

Carey Conley bubblesA busy woman she is with more interests, hobbies and duties than time allows. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stop the clock on occasion so we could enjoy and relish in each and every thing in life that we love in our own time frame? Unfortunately, that can’t happen, so like all of us, Carey has to divvy up her hours of the day and pack in as much time as she can enjoying all of the things she loves in life.

Carey Conley showerDrawing, painting and ceramics are some of her first artistic endeavors into the creative environment she grew up with influenced by her artist mother. Her full-time career is also artistic in nature…creating motion graphics for movie trailers in which she has twice been nominated for the Key Art Awards. Sounds like a fun job, but when it comes down to the stretch of meeting a deadline to releasing that trailer, the hours can get long, leaving her little time to explore her own creative outlets.

Besides Carey’s many artistic talents, she also shares a love for the ocean. Sailing, diving, and appreciating all about it for its own beauty. And from this is where most of her artistic inspiration comes from. Prior to her discovery of lampworking, she brought her love of the ocean into her home by making custom seascape mosaic ceramic tiles to re-tile a bathroom. Awesome work, but arduous. This project took a year and a half to complete, but worth the effort, except for the fact that she couldn’t take it with her when she moved to a new home.

Carey Conley lizardEager to launch onto a new artistic path, and still keeping with the aquatic theme, Carey began searching the internet and typed in something about fish beads. Lo and behold, she came across the website of Deb Crowley. “My jaw dropped. I thought her fish were the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. Glass has always fascinated me, but THIS was amazing! The colors were brilliant! Photographs have a hard time capturing the colors of marine life, but glass was such a brilliant medium, I was in awe…and decided I had to learn how to do that.” And so she did. Starting in a beginning class at a stained glass shop on Melrose Ave., Carey jumpedCarey Conley greenin and bought her first set-up with a Hothead torch. Next was a class with our local master fish artist, Judy Carlson. “Her class was great! She’s an amazing artist.” From there she went on to take another class for stringer control with San Diego artist, Heather Trimlett. Soon after, Carey began creating fantastic sea creature beads with her own design elements. She’s also courageous enough to show us pictures of her first deformed Nemo’s and octopus to give us inspiration to what we can achieve through practice and patience!

Carey Conley Fish

Carey Conley hollowsWith her newly acquired skills, Carey decided it was time to upgrade to a hotter torch.
The timing was perfect…the stained glass shop where she took her first class was going out of business and she was able to pick up a Minor for a great deal and at the same time, she was moving from a condo to a house and would finally be able to torch with proper ventilation. Well, maybe too much Carey Conley swirlventilation. Wind and torches don’t get along together well. As of recently she says, “I am just moving into a place with a garage, so I’m setting up in a corner kind of near the garage door and next to the grill so I can poach the propane from it. There’s a plug for the oxygen concentrator, and I now have tons of glass that I’ve collected from sales over the years, so no excuses any more.” So get ready folks – Carey’s on a mission! We’ll be seeing more and more of her beautiful aquatic bead creatures soon.

Carey Conley fishieWhat vision does Carey have for the future in her glass endeavors? For the near future, continuing on creating and perfecting her sea critter beads. From there, maybe blowing glass and creating vessels; maybe even making a stained glass sea kelp bed to go around a door frame! Her visions and enthusiasm are endless and her talent is certain to astound and influence many others for years to come.



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