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Bindy Lambell

Bindy Lambell
Our “Hall of Flame” welcomes a new honoree, our bubbly Bindy Lambell!

Bindy is currently serving on the SCFS board as a Hospitality Chairperson. Bindy and Wendy Leys, her partner, come up with great ideas for themes for each of our club meetings. They do a fantastic job! But now is the time to focus on Bindy and her tremendous skills at bead making.

A vibrant woman of many talents, Bindy began her beadmaking career eight years ago after buying lampworked beads to incorporate into her unique jewelry designs. One of her other passions, cake decorating, has proved to be an interesting co-relation into her bead designs as well as rubber stamping with intricate design work.

Bindy’s glass of choice while working on her Minor torch is 104 COE, primarily Effetre along with some Lauscha, and is now being teased with the new silver colors available in 104. She will undoubtedly make these colors sing as she continues on her exploration in glass.

Her favorite designs in making beads are florals. One of her “signature” beads is the Floral Bouquet. Made on an ivory base, she incorporates three types of flowers onto it. This bead style came to be after practicing different types of flowers on one bead instead of a separate bead for each flower type. People loved the complexity and beauty of these beads and they have since become a favorite of hers to make. As have making small bracelet sized beads with as much detail as she can pack into each. And let’s not forget her palm tree beads inspired from a trip to Hawaii.

Although Bindy has mostly taught herself how to make beads through trial and error, she has managed to get a couple of classes under her belt with those that most inspire her…Leah Fairbanks and Patti Walton. She is intent on perfecting her floral techniques under the guidance of her friend Leah, and I must add, she does a fantastic job. Other techniques she wants to master…the style of beads that are considered organic. Try as she might, after numerous suggestions, they still end up with flowers on them. That’s O.K. in my opinion Bindy…flowers need an organic background to them.

Our humble, yet bubbly Bindy is by no means shy when in comes to media publication. Not wanting to sound like a braggart when asked, she hesitantly answered, “Yes, I have been published about 26 times in the last 4 years in several of the major bead magazines. I have been on the cover of Bead and Button and the cover of Step by Step by Lapidary Journal. I am currently in the new issue of Bead Unique with an article I wrote on how to do two basic and easy beads that have been around forever. I did not invent them however.” Good for you Bindy! Keep up the good work and promoting lampworked beads.

And true to being a humble person, here’s her response to her first beginning beads…”Yes I do have them and I have to laugh every time I take them out. I keep them because I never want to lose site of where I started. I remember I was pretty proud of those beads and hopefully they keep me humble. If I can find them I will show them to you.”

On that closing note, what advice does she have for other beadmakers? Never give up, never stop learning and never stop having fun doing it.

And where does she hope to go in her own future with her glass work? Never to stop learning and exploring new ideas of her own, while she is also thinking of her future grandsons! Granddaughters…not a problem. They can have all the beads they want, but the boys will need marbles! And not just any marbles…marbles made by Grandma Bindy!






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