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August 2010 Newsletter

catI had planned on writing this during my flight home from NY. But I was so exhausted, all I could do was sleep! I came home, torched for a day, unpacked then packed up again and went to San Diego for the BSSDC bead bazaar.

Sebastian says “please mama, no more over nights!”


PLEASE VOTE For Beads of Courage in the Pepsi Challenge!

As I am writing this, Beads of Courage is #1 in the running for $25,000 grant!! They need and deserve this so much! So please, cast your VOTE every day thru the end of this month! It just takes a minute of your time and will mean so much to so many kids! Tell your friends and family too! Let’s keep them #1!

Pacific Art Glass and SCFS hosted our second BOC Challenge on July 10th. We had a total of 18 people attend! We got over 50 beads made with lots of purple hearts. Wendy does a great job of putting these together. And again, it’s such a great cause. We have a great time and I guarantee you feel really good being a part of this. So we hope you will join us for the 3rd….details coming soon!

BOC Beads

2010 ISGB Gathering

The annual ISGB Gathering took place last month in Rochester, NY. After an incredible 2 day class making off mandrel sculptures with Wes Fleming, I and 100 other ISGB members headed for Corning Museum of Glass for the day. And let me tell you, a day is not enough! Although I was very happy with everything we did see, there was so much more that we did not get to. So, I guess I will have to plan another trip some day. You could spend a few days in the Rakow Library alone!

ipodThis was one of my many favorite sculptures….
it’s an “i pod”.

The tech vendors opened up on Thursday morning. All the usual suspects were there, including Double Helix with their newest test batches and murrinis. The hungry hounds were lined up and swarmed the DH booth at 10 am! It was quite the feeding frenzy! But DH was well prepared and after the frenzy broke up, I went over to find plenty of glass left to choose from. In fact, you just may see some of the goods at our upcoming meetings this year! (wink wink).

After a lovely opening reception at the Eastman house on Thursday night, the Gathering conference was in full swing by Friday morning. The presenters included Leah Fairbanks, Larry Scott, Wes Fleming, Mike Magnifico, Margaret Neher, just to name a few plus master presenters Dan Adams and Cynthia Toops who specializes in micro mosaics (those are fascinating!) This was my second Gathering and I have to say once again, never a dull moment!  The bead bazaar was one big room filled with 98 amazing glass artists…now that is a bead show!

Wes Fleming
Wes Fleming

Wes Fleming demos and shows off his rhinocerous beetle!

There were several Flame Surfers cruising the Gathering, Toni Tracey, Jackie Mixon, Karen Gassaway, Heather Trimlett, Jacqui Wou (I hope I didn’t forget any one!) and hopefully, we will recruit a couple new members, Shelley and Patty! And of course many of our NorCal buddies, including Hayley Tsang and Sharon Peters.
Next year the Gathering will be held in Louisville, KY and then in 2012, Seattle, WA. (I love Seattle!!) So start thinking about it now….and start saving your pennies, you’ll need lots of them!

Back to our SCFS biz

Coatings By SandbAs most of you know, our next meeting is scheduled for September 18th and will be held at CBS in the City of Orange. We hope to see lots of you OC peeps and hopefully, more of you Southern belles and boys! Don McKinney will be demoing something wonderful, he’s gong to surprise us! Our bead exchange theme is “Murrinis”. You have a couple of choices for this theme. You can make your own murrinis and put some in a baggie for someone else to enjoy, or you can make a bead using your own OR other murrinis….as long as you package contains some sort of murrini! Be sure to wrap your goods up and include your name so the recipient knows who to thank and praise!
Plan on bringing a small snack….more edible details in September newsletter.

As always, be sure to check out our website for class and sponsor info.
Enjoy the rest of your summer and we hope to see you all in September!

Judy Carlson

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