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April 2008 Newsletter

Beads of Courage President, Jean Baruch and Director, Carol Saker will be here in So Cal on May 13th for a special event. Any SCFS interested in helping out (help people string beads), please contact Carol Saker at: csaker@beadsofcourage.net


I know what you’re wondering….April 17th? and I’m just NOW getting my newsletter??

Well… I have plenty of excuses! Some I’m sure you can relate to!

The beginning of this month had me in Las Vegas for the 7th annual GlassCraft Expo. I saw quite a few of you there…hope you got your hands on some fun glass goodies! After returning home, it was all about taxes for several days. Every year I say the same thing….why wait until the last minute, but it just seems to happen that way…no matter how hard I try! After that, back on the torch and then I taught all last weekend.

So with all that finally behind me, I have a “minute” to put this together. And it’s a special newsletter too…this is the April AND May edition of the SCFS newsletter. I will be out of town for the first few weeks of May and I will not have email while I am away. That’s right, no internet, no phones and no TV….I can’t wait!

Thank you for the great turnout for the March meeting. Thank you to Alethia for informing the group about the Gathering in August and demoing her floral pendant. I hope many of you will take advantage of the Gathering being so close to home. It will be years before it’s this close again! There are so many activities, bead swaps, wine stopper contest, classes, bead bazaars, tons of demos! This will be my first Gathering and I am really looking forward to it! For more info, visit the ISGB website www.isgb.org.

There are several bead show this month and in May. Check out the websites for locations and times.

April 26th – County Bead Society Art of Adorning Bead Bazaar @ Bowers Click here for more info.

April 27th – L.A. Bead Society Bead Bazaar. Click here for mor info.

May 2nd, 3rd & 4th Bead Expo Phoenix @ the Phoenix Convention Center Click Here for mor info.

Stephanie Sersich will be at the Mandrel on May. I love Stephanie’s work and have heard many good things about her class. I would definitely be in this class if I was in town! There are still a couple of spots open. Intermediate Beadmaking Workshop May 9, 10 Spiny Knotted Bracelet Workshop May 11 Book signing with Stephanie Sersich may 11, 10 am to noon AND Brad Pearson will be teaching on June 7th & 8th

Check out www.themandrel.com for more info. We will also be holding our 2nd quarter meeting at the Mandrel on June 28th. The bead exchange theme will be “Picnic at the Beach”‘. Anything goes…beach beads, surf boards, food, bunnys in bikinis….what ever! More info to follow, but be sure to put this date on your calendar now!

I think that’s it for now. As always, check the website calendar/news for updates and info. Carey does a great job keeping it up to date…USE IT!

Thanks for being patient with my busy schedule. I will see you all in June….if not before!

Judy 🙂

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