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SCFS News: Summer 2020

Greetings Flame Surfers

I hope that you are well and making the best of these challenging times. Perhaps that has included doing new and wonderful things in glass to find happiness during the pandemic-related disruptions to our typical lifestyles. We had our first online (Zoom) chapter meeting on June 6 with a virtual show and tell that gave us all a chance to catch up with colleagues and see the what we have been up to. Many thanks to Leah Nietz for sharing a demonstration of her techniques for making a beautiful dahlia pendant. See more of Leah’s work at: https://leahnietz.com/.

We have put on hold any plans for future SCFS in person meetings until we learn more about when and how to hold such meetings safely. However, we will have another online (Zoom) meeting in late September to coincide with the virtual Bead Challenge 2020 in support of Beads of Courage. See below for more information on how to participate in the Challenge. The Beads of Courage program is still active during the pandemic and your support is needed more than ever. Restrictions on hospital visitors have also impacted volunteer support for Beads of Courage activities at some locations. For example, the supply of courage beads for CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) has been disrupted and they were unable to provide beads for some key events. Fortunately, we were able to provide them with beads donated by our members to help meet their needs. These included these yummy food beads from Susan Haskell that were a bit hit with CHOC staff. Your president also donated a set of rocket beads for a special partnership with the SpaceX astronaut training program to provide personalized beads for the BOC members.

Please remember to renew your SCFS membership for 2020. Your dues provide essential funds to support our events (both online and in person) and allow us to continue our special activities for Beads of Courage. Dues for the remainder of 2020 are $10. Please contact our Treasurer Judy Carlson for instructions if you want to pay dues for 2020: judy@jujeebeads.com.You can pay using Venmo by directing payment to the following name: @Judy-Carlson-1. Please contact Membership Chair Susan Haskell: sihaskell@aol.com; or Judy if you want to confirm your membership status for 2020.


  • Creativity Challenge Awards
  • Membership Discounts
  • Chapter Support

The ISGB, our chapter sponsor, has increased its activities to increase membership and to provide support for the regional chapters. A new chapters coordinator has joined the ISGB board and several initiatives are underway to invigorate chapter membership. One new initiative is to provide chapter benefits for ISGB members participating in monthly ISGB member Creativity Challenges. The July challenge (submission deadline: July 30) is for “Irregular Shapes” and all participating members qualify for a $100 gift certificate drawing. If you participate in the challenge, be sure to indicate your SCFS chapter membership on the submission so that our chapter will qualify to an opportunity for an additional prize.

This is a great time to join ISGB. Through August 31, new members receive a $25 discount on the membership fee and existing members that bring in new members receive a $20 discount on renewals. Visit https://isgb.org/membership/ for more information.

Finally, ISGB has developed an interactive map and contact list for all regional chapters. This is a great tool for members to identify local chapters to join. We hope it will help others to find and join SCFS.

Bead Challenge 2020 

Beads of Courage is conducting a virtual Bead Challenge this year; so there will be no open studio or group art events. However, the need for beads and funds is still acute and BOC relies on the Challenge to help fill these needs. SCFS has joined the Challenge this year and will be participating through facilitating and coordinating donations of glass and polymer beads produced by our members. The SCFS Board has selected a theme for this year’s challenge: “Picnic in Place”. We encourage you to make food-oriented beads, such as the fun cakes and cones shown in the photo above. Food beads always bring a smile to BOC members of all ages and can also be used throughout the year to celebrate special events, such as birthdays. Many food bead tutorials are readily available, and you probably already have a favorite food bead you enjoy making. If you need some ideas to start, two tutorials are included in this newsletter.

Beads of Courage Donations. Wendy Leys, our BOC coordinator, is happy to receive your donations and ship them to BOC headquarters for you. Please contact Wendy to arrange a bead drop off or pickup: firesinger1@gmail.com. Of course, you can always ship your beads directly to Beads of Courage; but be sure to let Wendy know what you have donated so that we can get an accurate count of SCFS member contributions.

Donation Prize. Anyone donating courage beads during the Challenge window of Sept. 1-30 will be eligible for a gift of an assortment of soft glass from Frantz. We will have a random drawing to select the winner as part of our September SCFS meeting (date TBD).

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm,

Steve Bay

President, So Cal Flame Surfers